...Let's get ready to rumble...

The campus will consist of a series of activities: training, competitions, physical conditioning workouts, notions of physiotherapy, hiking, canoeing, climbing, swimming pool, games, workshops, combining technical and tactical improvement with leisure and fun.

Hours of activities


8:30 pm: Wake-up call.

9:00 pm: Breakfast.

10:00 pm: Activities (Basketball, physiotherapy, conditioning workouts, etc, etc ...).

12:00 pm: Swimming pool.

2:00 pm: Lunch.

2:45 pm: Break/phone.

3:15 pm: Workshops.

4:30 pm: Competitions (3X3, 4X4, 5X5, Two Ball, etc, etc ...).

6:45 pm: Swimming pool.

7:45 pm: Shower.

8:30 pm: Dinner.

9:30 pm : Mailbox and night activity.

12:00: Silence.